Monday, October 21, 2019

The Puritan Perception of God and Religion essays

The Puritan Perception of God and Religion essays A primary part of American fate is shaped by the first Puritans who landed on the shores of New England, Massachusetts. Exiled from England, their agenda was strictly religious. Religion and spiritual inspiration went hand in hand as it ultimately became a guide for the New World ("The Pilgrims"). The Puritans settled where they created a philosophy that was essential in the shaping of religion in America. They merely wished to influence others by their concept of faith, the particular idea of the covenant with God and the belief that one's destiny was predetermined. Their mission was to create a godly community demonstrating a life of passion and fellowship that would be symbolic to Puritans worldwide. The events that lead to the settlement of New England at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay derived from the religious conflict that began by Martin Luther's Reformation movement and the formation of the Protestant Church ("People After being established, the Pilgrims set out to fulfill their primary goal, the establishment of a more pure church. The ...

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