Friday, October 18, 2019

Surrealism - Leonora Carrington Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Surrealism - Leonora Carrington - Essay Example The essay "Surrealism - Leonora Carrington" discusses surrealism and the figure of Leonora Carrington. She got most of her morale from her mother who encouraged her to participate in art. Besides encouraging her, her mother played an important role in shaping her daughters career. In 1936 she gave Carrington Herbert Read’s book titled surrealism. This played a major role in encouraging her to turn up to be a surrealist. In 1937, Carrington met Max Ernst the person who had influenced her into surrealism before he even met him. This led to their marriage as Ernst separated with her wife to settle with Carrington. Most of her paintings were images of beast something that she attributes to have learnt from her culture in Mexico. She also depicts pictures of horses in most her diagrams something she affirms as a woman’s source of strength. Her main aim of painting and writing was to engage in unconscious forms of art as a philosophy of the surrealism. This paper is going to analyze the artistic background of Leonora Carrington. The paper looks into her influence in surrealism and tackles most of her novels and paintings. Just like any other artist, Carrington was attracted to surrealism with the interest of resolving contradicting conditions of dream and realities. This was the main aim for many artists mostly painters and novelist to join the surrealism movement. Most of these artists attribute their works to the influence of philosophers. For example, when Sigmund Freud developed his work of free association.

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