Thursday, October 17, 2019

Evaluation Plan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Evaluation Plan - Term Paper Example The first step in my evaluation plan will involve assessing the background and framework of the evaluation. This step as elucidated by Holden et al (2009) will involve comprehension of the environment, framework, and circumstances surrounding the evaluation of the planned change. For instance, I will establish the relationship between individuals and specific bodies to involve in implementing the change to ascertain their level of commitment. During this initial step in addition, I will assess the range of the evaluation in terms of estimation of resources required for executing the planned change such as the cost and human resource. The second step of my evaluation plan will involve an in-depth exploration and identification of stakeholders and their level of association (Holden et al, 2009). In reference to the unmet need and planned change, stakeholders to be considered at this stage include nurses, physicians, patients, the local community, governmental organizations, and non-gov ernmental organizations. The relationship between these stakeholders will have an immediate effect on the outcome of the planned change. Thirdly, I will engage identified stakeholders in terms of requesting them to participate in designing strategies aimed at the implementation of change, and make sure each one of them understand their specific roles and responsibilities (Holden et al, 2009). Fourthly, I will exhibit and put all the processes of the strategic plan into context in order for the stakeholders to understand (Holden et al, 2009). The fifth step will involve formulation of wide-ranging question for assessing the outcome of the planned change (2009). During this step, I will assess the practicability and achievability of the planned change. This will be followed by data collection by means of observation, direct interviews, and structured questionnaires to establish whether the objectives of

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