Thursday, October 17, 2019

Formal analysis of one artwork Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Formal analysis of one artwork - Essay Example Kress, He collected one of the most significant artworks of Europe and Italian renaissance and always had a vision of preserving historic artworks. This foundation supports the work of art in order to sustain history and artwork all around the world. They collect historic artworks from different places and preserve them in different museums in America. The presence of this artistic piece of artwork in this museum is also because of the foundation. The sculpture is of a virgin lady, holding a child in her hand. It is called the virgin lady with surety because she is wearing a long gown with a long belt and her head is covered with the long piece of cloth. It is said that it was compulsory for unmarried women at that period of time to wear long gowns and belts as compared to married women so that they could be judged that they are virgin and unmarried. It is the ‘cult’ of virgin –a figure of a religious personality. The sculpture comes from Troyes, a town in the province of Champagne where the examples of finest Gothic sculptures are found. The display plate also says that it is one of the finest examples of French sculptural traditions. The material used in the sculpture is limestone, the material which was famously and traditionally used in the construction of sculptures and churches all over France. Many landmarks today are made up of limestone. Usage of limestone in making of this sculpture at that point of time makes it more valuable and precious. The sculpture is an attached sculpture of two bodies. One is sculpture of a virgin girl and the other is her son which she is holding in her hand. In her other hand she is holding a flower. The child is lending his one hand towards the flower which the virgin girl is holding and the child’s other hand is broken. On the head of the virgin lady also seems that she is wearing a crown which suggests that she comes from a royal background of a religious cult. The child is also wearing a royal piece of

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