Friday, October 25, 2019

50s TV :: essays research papers

This is a revolutionary invention that is compared to the Light Bulb. It is large box with shades of black and white that replaced the every day listened to radio by a mile. What is it you say? It is the Television. This new device brought the images of the world to every home of America replacing the only listened to radio shows easily. As popular as the radio shows were this new addition of picture made TV shows soar in popularity. With a variety of shows ranging from Westerns to Game Shows the TV was unquestionably to invention of the decade all thanks to the outstanding competitive broadcasting of the TV Shows. Although their were many great shows in there 50’s a few stand out from them all, â€Å"I Love Lucy† maintaining 4 number 1 spot rankings, Gunsmoke with 3 number 1 spot rankings, and The 64,000 Dollar Question.. Gunsmoke the king of all Western Shows was the longest running Western of all time, and was also televison longest running series with continuing characters. "Gunsmoke" was about a Mrshell by the name of Matt Dillon ,stared by James Arness, in the frontier town of Dodge City, Kansas in 1873. His kindly companion was Doc Adams , played by Milburn Stone, was the town physician who spent many hours chugging beers at the Longbranch Saloon, owned and operated by the shapely Kitty Russell, who was always attracted to the marshal. In the 50’s a new type of show became huge. This type of show was called â€Å"Game Shows†. These gave prices to lucky contestants who would answer correct questions. The biggest of these Game Shows was The 64,000 Dollar Question. Although many loved it, it was still fixed, and so were many other game shows to. The producers of these shows would give the answers to the most likeable contestants so they would win.

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