Thursday, October 31, 2019

Intro to Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Intro to Philosophy - Essay Example The present paper will uncover the claims of science wherein it does not acknowledge the existence of souls. Moreover, the current study will also take the adage of the religious side wherein they hardly believe with their fundamental faith to a supernatural human being as the master of souls. Thence, every single question to what composes the soul with its possible or impossible existence will be recovered in this paper as the questions will then serve as a justification with regard to how the unanswered questions reveal the perspective of this paper. Scientific Claims â€Å"God did not create life, science created life† (Sanders 237). Such line adheres to the importance of science. It opposes the religious rites and faith of the Christian society. However, the science claims that the evolution itself speaks of how a person could be influenced to what the people in the society dictate which could made them think of a wishful unstoppable life with the concept of soul (Grange 1 6). The scientific studies claim the connection of one’s mental usage of mind in which people use this for the purpose of thinking outside the boundaries of what one loves to think about (Goetz and Taliaferro 152). Accordingly, the soul does not exist because the body makes its own physical features worthy enough to be used as actions will be made and as a person could be able to act what is accordingly reasonable with purpose. Asma claimed that it is the way of science that soul is unclear and unknown because scientists could not prove or see it even in a microscopic way (qtd. in Goetz and Taliaferro 157). The field of science does not believe that a certain word or thing could exist when evidence is not seen. Science did not see anything that would serve as a proof like how invisible the soul is towards how the humanity exists. They believe that souls are definite in terms of how an individual’s mental set of mind primes the body on the proper actions that must be ta ken. Scientists then perceive that soul is just part of a person’s mental structuring in which the body could interact with (Goetz and Taliaferro 157). This could mean that scientists believed that it is the choice and option of every human being to think how soul can be interpreted in one’s set of beliefs. They tend to mean that people dictate their minds to choose on what is proper and inappropriate to believe. To believe in the existence of the soul that would be independent from one’s own body distinguishes that a person believes even when he does not see it. This is what science contradicts about because they could only hear the soul in the dictates of every human being, and they could not justify it in the means of their own practical activities and measurements. Religious Claims What the science claims is contradictory in the field of religion. St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine believed that souls are independent from the body because of the omnipresen t God (Goetz and Taliaferro 30). Christian testaments (old) before in the Christian Medieval period emphasized this notion that souls are not snared inside the body. Religious faiths believe that souls are free and endless because God is the ultimate beholder of it. Every human being deserves to be less humane when death came across their lives because the religion took beneath on what the supernatural power of God condemns. Religion believes that

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