Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 3

Leadership - Essay Example Large-scale organizational transformation is a developing art that has yet to produce any clear formulas for success, but more and more attention is being turned to executives as the principle agents of change and adaptation. It is increasingly common to assume that leadership plays the crucial role in an organization's successful adaptation to a changing world. Power and politics are a part of organization life in my organization. It is possible to determine thee types of power: expert, referral and coercive power. The most important factor of success is that the leader uses consultants and professionals as guides and teachers. With fewer vested interests and less baggage, they are also in a good position to help managers challenge their own worldviews and routines. Yet the use of consultants must be approached with caution. Often they have only a superficial understanding of the situation at hand, not being a long-term member of the organization. Because they frequently move on to new opportunities before the change is completely implemented, they may assume more of a short-term perspective than executives and managers do (Charan et al 2001). In order to balance the increasing demands placed on an individual, the leader introduces new ways of work and tries to establish informal communication between employees. In many respects, these are difficult to separate from the role of leadership in the change process because they either explicitly or implicitly make key assumptions about the leadership style of the organization.

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