Monday, September 9, 2019

12 YEARS A SLAVE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

12 YEARS A SLAVE - Essay Example Additionally, the movie talks about the life of an enslaved educated Black man called Northup who later in life turned to abolish slavery in Louisiana. It is a fact that, many Black people have been killed and many have fought back against discrimination and sexual exploitation and these were the martyr’s who should be remembered according to Copleand. In the author’s eye, solidarity and unity is still a big issue for black people as they are mostly struggling to gain respect and acceptance within the white community. The book and film both tells us that, if one looks at history, many black people had taken the courage to fight for their rights and their effort should be taken as guidance by our community. In fact, black people are as valuable as white person from a religious perspective. In her book (Copeland,2010,pg.113) â€Å"Copeland’s theological anthropology assiduously reveals a carefully developed understanding of historic black bodies in relation to the body of Christ† The author in her book recommends that the history of martyr’s should lead the people to fight for solidarity and peace among each other. In the same way, the movie â€Å"Twelve Years of Slave† is a powerful one which communicates to the audience the life of a black slave. The movie is based on the book written by Solomon Northup where the experience of him as a slave is recounted. He was an educated man and stood firm against racial bias of white men in those times. This man can be taken as a role model as he was an educated and free man till his adult times but later turned in to freedom fighter for the slave community in Louisiana. His life was unusual as he was black person who got kidnapped and sold into slavery where he spent twelve long years in pain. Northup can be seen as a martyr as explained by Copeland and should be followed by new generation to find peace and solidarity in their

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