Friday, September 13, 2019

Driving and texting Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Driving and texting - Research Paper Example Checking of the emails in smart phones among the US citizens is a rampant incident that leads to destructive driving. Driving as well as texting at the same time can be very dangerous to the lives of individuals for it can cause many accidents. Institutions that is responsible for enacting laws to put this act to stop by coming up with guidelines to the use of phones while driving. Laws, rules and procedures need to be used to illegalize the act of driving while texting to keep save the lives of persons from accidents (Jaytay). Using of mobile phones does distract drivers in many ways of which it includes; physical destruction, instead of paying much attention the physical tasks that are required while driving. Gear changing and steering are the physical tasks that an individual need to concentrate on while driving. The driver has to use one or both of their hands to operate the phone. The next distraction is the visual destruction. Mobile phones distract an individual while driving in two ways. That is the driver has to move their eyes to and from the road and concentrate on the text. Secondly, while operating the phone, the eyes should be on the road and hence are not properly positioned to the road thus causing accidents (Darden). Sound is another form of distraction caused by texting. Here, attention will move from the road and directed to the sounds of the emails and messages that enter the phone. It normally applies when the phones sound is of poor quality. In addition, some people are cognitively distracted during the process of texting. In this case, thoughts of the driver diverted from the road and redirected into the conversation that is going on the phone (Evans). All the forms of destruction by mobile phones are the highest cause of accidents in various roads, and the most affected generation is the youthful generation. In other states, restrictions are major to minors and individuals who just acquired the license. Other institutions

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