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No chosen yet (sociology) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

No chosen yet (sociology) - Essay Example Oneida community is a religious commune founded in 1848 by John Humphrey Noyes. This organization practices communalism where the members practice communal labor in which men and women have to work together and become an engaging community. Not only labor did members come together but in almost any occasions. Members likewise participate in enjoyment and self improvement thus they are not left in solitude. How the community worked and lived together in a â€Å"Mansion House† painted an unusual picture of a rich and happy community. Complex marriage is also practiced where in men are married to every women and women are married to every men. Other practices of the community include mutual criticism and ascending Fellowship. After many years of existence, the community later transformed into a capitalist enterprise known as the Oneida community, Ltd. (Olin, 1). Today, Oneida’s â€Å"Mansion House† serves as a tourist attraction. The Church of Scientology is another organization founded by Lon Hubbard with the goal to promote scientology. Under the organization are several separate incorporations with their own local boards, executives and directors responsible for the activities of each corporate and ecclesiastical. Members are taught that people are immortal spiritual being who have forgotten their own nature. In addition to this teaching, the organization believes that the experience of man could be extended beyond a single lifetime with unlimited capabilities. Thus they believe that events in the past affect the present limitations. Furthermore, they consider that man is good who seek to survive. However, his survival depends on him, his fellows, and his attainment of brotherhood in the universe. They also practice giving study materials and auditing course but with a corresponding donations. Just like Oneida, the Church of Scientology has its own controversy. Many believed that it operates as a cult and as a commercial enterprise. The Mor mons is founded by Joseph Smith in 1820. The name Mormons refer to the followers and their religion Mormonism. This cultural group is a form of Christian primitivism where other small independent denominations were based. The movement seeks maintain doctrines that supports the practice of polygamy. The members share a common belief with the Latter day Saint movement where they adopt teachings from the Bible especially the old testament, other religious texts, Books of Mormons, doctrines and covenants. The movement also accepts the Pearl of Great Price as part of their canon. Mormons believe in the Living Christ and the importance of eternal marriage. The Jehovah witness is founded by Charles Taze Russell in 1870’s with members that is over 18 millions. Jehovah base their teachings solely from the Bible however they have they own translation that they prefer to use. They believe in the destruction of the earth which they refer to as Armageddon. They claim that the only solutio n to all problems of human kind would be the establishment of the Kingdom of God. Jehovah witnesses are known for several activities. They are the religious group distributing The Watchtower and Awake magazines. They are known for their door to door teaching of their translated Bible, the New World translation of the Holy Scriptures, and are known not to accept military services and blood donation and transfusion. These religious organizations become a sociological interest because some of their practices are considered bizarre by

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