Friday, August 23, 2019

Is Randle McMurphy a hero in the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Essay

Is Randle McMurphy a hero in the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Essay Example He does not debate medical decision since he finds being in the hospital better than being in the farm. This creates an opportunity for him to be the hero of the movie. Bromden is the first character to be presented to the viewer, and one expects that he might be a star in the book due to him noticeable height. He has been a patient for over ten years at the Oregon Psychiatric, and he experiences frequent hallucinations and delusions. He however pretends to be deaf and dumb and tries to go un-noticed. At the hospital, the patients are divided into two groups; Chronic and those who can be cured. McMurphy arrives into the hospital and is taken into acute of the non-chronic. Bromden finds McMurphy quite different and it sets the start of their relationship. The patients are under the care of Ratched, and she constantly encourages them to fight one another. McMurphy is not pleased with the situation of the patients at the hospital. His introduction as a gamble and a man of women and cards is eminent, and everyone gets to know him. At this point, the attention of the reader is on Mainly on McMurphy since his character is comical and attractive. McMurphy is not pleased with the actions of the nurse, and he makes a decision to insight the patents against the actions of nurse Ratched. In his first meeting with the other patients, he says, â€Å"Ratched is a ball-cutter.†(Kesey 98) The patients have developed an attitude that nurse Ratched is all powerful, and hence they do not support McMurphy. McMurphy vows to confront Ratchet since he considers her actions as inhuman. Murphy says that â€Å"Except the sun, on these three strangers, is all of a sudden way the hell brighter than usual and I can see the...† (Kesey 108). This statement shows that he is determined to bring change to the place McMurphy finally confronts Nurse Ratched and at first the other patients

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