Sunday, July 28, 2019

Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 41

Case study - Essay Example HP had am merger with Compaq in 2002 and other companies that enabled it to register combined revenue of $ 118 billion in 2008 (Malone 23). In 1935, the two owners graduated from Stanford University with degrees in Electrical engineering. This company started up in a garage near Palo Alto, with an initial capital amounting to $ 538. However, it took some time for the company to go public until November 6, 1957. In the early years, the company had not focused into the production of only a single type of product. It diversified on different produce such as different electronic equipment and even did some agriculture. It was until 1990s that the company specialized in the production of voltmeters, signal generators, oscilloscope, and thermometers among others. As years went by, HP participated in the introduction of a lot of new software in the market. In 1984, HP produced an inkjet and laser printers to use in conjunction with the desktops in the market. Until today, HP remains the leading innovators in the software world (Malone 19). The HP Company runs in a unique way, and the style now called the HP way. This involves key ideologies that the co-founders of the company ensured prevailed amongst their employees. These key ideologies include; respect for all individuals, focus on high goals to achieve, always conduct business with high integrity, achieve all the common objectives with the help of teamwork, and are always flexible and innovative in their work (Malone 64). The Government allows the company to operate as a technology producer company. It gives the company mandate to produce software in a standard manner while being under the normal regulations agreed upon by both parties (Malone 9). The HP Company enjoys profits from the manufacture of modern equipment as mentioned earlier. These modern technologies are for different usage for different people. The company makes gaming gadgets, TVs, laptops and

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