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Ancient history compare and contrast two empires Essay

Ancient history compare and contrast two empires - Essay Example But the contributions of the Mongol empire cannot be underestimated. The empire under Khans flourished well and the popularity and fame of the empire spread far and wide across the empires of the world. The famous traveller, Marco Polo had commented the Mongol empire as prosperous and peaceful. The kingdom was united under the rulers and the military power of the kingdom was immense. The essay tries to compare the contributions of the Roman and Mongol Empire in terms of politics, trade, religion, and social history. Features of Roman Empire: The Roman Empire was considered to be the biggest ancient empire of the world that ruled probably the major parts of the world. The Great Roman Empire had both western and eastern kingdoms. The Western empire came to an end in and around 450 A.D., whereas the Eastern Empire lasted up to the year 1453, when Constantinople, the capital of Eastern Empire, fell in the hands of the Turks. The Roman Empire spread to all sides of the world. The war like nature of the Roman people made Rome a powerful Empire over other nations. They conquered almost all countries to four sides of the nation. The Roman rule in those areas made a permanent landmark of the rule in terms of Roman building and sculptures. In considering the religion of the Roman Empire one can see the slow pace of the Empire from paganism to Christianity. The Romans, just like the Greek had their own gods and there had many temples for the gods in the Empire. Valerie M. Warrior clearly observes; â€Å"The Romans worshiped a wide range of gods† (Warrior 9). The entire Empire had beliefs in the mythic Roman religion. The wars like gods represent the war like nature of the people. At first the Roman rulers were against Christianity and many of them had persecuted the Christians. It was Constantine in A.D. 312 declared Christianity as the official religion of Rome. There after the spread of Christianity was amazing in the kingdom. So the Romans had different religiou s faiths. The politics of the Roman Empire was strong in the beginning and it is the cause for its fall too. Peter V. Jones and Keith C. Sidwel mention that; â€Å"Roman generals in the field regularly resorted to acts of looting, reprisal, massacres, mass deportations, and enslavements† (Jones & Sidwell 25). Rome was ruled by great statesmen like Julius and Octavius Caesars. Democracy was flourished in Rome. The Senate had a predominant role over the rule of the different statesmen. In respect to the trade of the Empire one can find that Rome was a dominant nation of the time. It had trade with many of the Eastern countries. The Romans had a flourishing trade with African countries. When it conquered Egypt there opened a way for trade and commerce with the countries near Egypt. The same is with the nations in Turkey and the Eastern countries. Features of Mongol empire: Apart from the history of the great Roman Empire the Mongol empire was short lived. It lasted for only 200 years. The founder of the Mongol empire, Genghis Khan made it much popular. His grandson named as Kubilai Khan made this popularity far and wide. â€Å"Mongols could build a vast world empire faster than any people before or after them. It is Mongols who united Eurasia in a truly international trading system and encouraged new forms of communication. The Mongols showed the value of

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